Resource References

References (refs) uniquely identify Flexera One resources.

The format for a ref is:


The segments of the ref are detailed in the following section. Valid refs may not have all segments defined. For example:

  • Some resources, like IAM users, are not organization-scoped and will not have an organization or sub-scope
  • In many cases, segments are implied: when using a nam API, it is not necessary to include the nam zone segment to refer to a resource in the same zone


The Flexera One Zone in which the resource resides.

Zone Detail URL
nam Flexera One North America
eu Flexera One Europe
au Flexera One Asia-Pacific


An organization (org) is a Flexera One tenant. Organizations are uniquely identified by a numerical org ID.


Sub-scopes are containers within an organization to which resources may be scoped. A project is an example of a sub-scope. If a ref does not contain a sub-scope, the resource is scoped to the organization.


A capability is a cohesive grouping of functionality in Flexera One. Identity and Access Management (iam) is an example of a capability.


The resource type is a string which defines the classification of the resource. A user is an example of a type. The capability and type together define the resource's kind (e.g. iam:user). Types are unique within a capability; a saas:user is distinct from an iam:user.


The identifier is a number or string which unique identifies the resource when combined with the other segments of the ref.


Ref Explanation
ref:nam:::iam:user:100 A reference to the user with Id 100
ref::::iam:user:100 A reference to the user with Id 100
ref::::iam:role:200 A reference to the role with Id 200
ref::::iam:org:10 A reference to the organization with Id 10
ref::10::iam:project:20 A reference to the project with Id 20, which exists in org 10
ref:nam:10:project/11:cred:api-key-credential:50 A reference to an API key credential with Id 50, which exists in project 11, which is a part of org 10, in the North America zone

A ref is a convenient way to refer to a specific resource, especially when an API parameter may accept resources of different types. For example, when granting a role using a Flexera One API, the role may be granted to a user, group, or service account. In this case, the subject_ref parameter will accept any of the following:

  • ref::::iam:user:100
  • ref::::iam:group:20
  • ref::::iam:service-account:100

Legacy Ref Format

Some Flexera One APIs may return refs in an older format, e.g. iam#user:100, however the format defined above is preferred.