Flexera One API

Flexera One development is API-driven, so API consumers of all types are a priority from feature inception. Every feature has APIs which are available for direct integration immediately upon release. This API-first architecture provides the ultimate flexibility in how your business uses Flexera One.

Flexera’s APIs follow the OpenAPI Specification making them easy to understand and use with a wide range of technology.

Key Use Cases

  • Unlock new synergies by building integrations using existing applications
  • Deliver your perfect experience by building new applications on top of Flexera One APIs
  • Experiment quickly with new business ideas


Partners, solution providers, and managed service providers can use Flexera One APIs to build exactly what our customers need.

  • Build automated solutions to quickly and easily manage customer tenants and permissions
  • Provide a tailored experience for customers by integrating new or existing applications with Flexera One APIs

Flexera One Organizations


Your Flexera One organization (tenant) and user account are provisioned in one of Flexera One's zones. The zone in which your user and tenant are provisioned determines which URL you will use to login to the Flexera One UI, and which base URL you will use when making API requests.

For Organizations in the North American (NAM) Zone

  • Login to Flexera One at app.flexera.com
  • Requests to Flexera One APIs use the base URL api.flexera.com

An example request for the NAM zone uses the URL


For Organizations in the European (EU) Zone

  • Login to Flexera One at app.flexera.eu
  • Requests to Flexera One APIs use the base URL api.flexera.eu

An example request for the EU zone uses the URL


For Organizations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Zone

  • Login to Flexera One at app.flexera.au
  • Requests to Flexera One APIs use the base URL api.flexera.au

An example request for the APAC zone uses the URL


Organization IDs

Each Flexera organization is assigned a unique organization ID. After logging in to Flexera One, you can identify your organization's ID by inspecting the URL.

For an organization in NAM zone, the URL will have the format https://app.flexera.com/orgs/{orgID}/... where {orgID} is the unique identifier for the organization.

The organization's ID is required when accessing this organization by API. For example, to read all roles available in the organization with ID 100 in the NAM zone, the URL would be:


Get Started

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